Day 2: Coal in Pennsylvania Map Activity

Lesson Plan - Discussion of the Distribution of Coal in PA

Developed by 2008-2009 TESSE Graduate Fellows from Penn State University (


Students will:

  1. Use a map to determine which ranks of coal are present in PA as well as how coal resources are distributed throughout the state.  
  2. Utilize the their newly gained knowledge on coalification as well as shaded relief and physiographic province maps of PA to come to an understanding of the impact of mountain building on coalification and to explain how it controls the geographic distribution of bituminous and anthracite coal in the state. 
  3. Review key geologic and geographic concepts such as latitude and longitude, mountain building, and geologic time, as well as locate mountainous regions of PA (Appalachian and Allegheny Mountains)


  • Distribution of Coal in PA Map and Transparency
  • Transparency Markers
  • PA digital shaded relief map 
  • PA physiographic province map
  • Coal in PA worksheet
  • Coal in PA Power Point
  • Animation or figures showing collision of Africa and North America leading to the formation of the Appalachians
  • Photos showing bituminous coal seams in western PA and anthracite coal seams in folded rock layers in eastern PA 


Coal in Pennsylvania Map Files
File Name Type and Size
Coal in PA - Lesson Plan MS Word - 653 KB
Worksheet for Coal in PA - Worksheet MS Word - 6.2 MB
Coal in PA Presentation MS PowerPoint - 5.6 MB
Maps for Day 2 Activity
File Name Preview / Type and Size
View image of the Distribution of Pennsylvania Coals PA Coal Resource MapJPG - 190 KB
View image of a Digital shaded-relief map of Pennsylvania PA Digital Shaded Relief MapJPG - 6.1 MB
View image of the Physiographic provinces of Pennsylvania PA Physiographic Province MapJPG - 240 KB

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