Membership Benefits

Join PAESTA (membership is free) and become part of the premiere Pennsylvania-based professional association dedicated to the improvement of Earth Science education at the K-12 levels. PAESTA is an organization made up of and governed by current K-12 and university-level educators. PAESTA membership benefits include:

  1. A network of colleagues
    • We welcome all individuals who teach Earth & space science content, from elementary grades through college and beyond Pennsylvania’s borders. We know that Earth science is fundamental to every child's education, and by working together we can enhance the reputation of our field so that it can attract and engage all students. Meet your colleagues, share your ideas and innovations, and we will become a stronger voice for the discipline.
    • The PAESTA network exists through several channels. Our website allows members to share and comment on teacher-submitted classroom resources through searchable digital databases and discussion forums. Our social media channels, Facebook and Twitter, allow members to learn and share news stories and opportunities. Members can connect with colleagues face-to-face at the PAESTA annual conference.
  2. Timely information of discipline news and professional development opportunities
    • The front page of the PAESTA website ( is our most detailed collection of announcements as they are released pertaining to workshops, science celebrations, and new discipline resources. Our monthly eNewsletter, PAESTA News and Notes, in addition to our social media sites, posts selections from the announcement list. Special issues of News and Notes are sent to the membership with classroom resources to teach about current and/or unexpected Earth or space science events occur.
  3. Awards and Recognitions
    • PAESTA recognizes members that make significant contributions to the discipline through several programs. We accept member submissions for our web-based Featured Member recognition, where members share their favorite Earth science topic to teach, best strategy or greatest moment teaching, and recommended advice or resource. Our monthly PAESTAR (Pennsylvania Earth Science Teacher Achievement Recognition) program highlights a PAESTA member that has made a notable contribution to the Earth and space science community and/or has served as a leader for the discipline. Each year, we accept nominations for the PAESTA Award for Teaching Excellence, presented to a Pennsylvania K-12 teacher who has made exemplary contributions to the field of Earth and space science education. All recognitions are featured on our website, in our eNewsletter, and on our social media channels.
  4. Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities
    • PAESTA holds elections for its Executive Committee positions of President, President-Elect, and Secretary/Treasurer. Members may serve on PAESTA committees such as the Teacher Advisory Committee and Teaching Resource Committee. A range of volunteer opportunities are always available for members, especially around the time of the PAESTA annual conference. Please contact the PAESTA President if you have time you would like to contribute to the advancement of the organization. PAESTA is run entirely by volunteers, and its growth and continued success depends upon the contributions made by members.
    • Members can also demonstrate leadership in PAESTA by contributing to our online collection of curricular resources and image database, nominate a colleague or self-nominate for one of the PAESTA recognitions, and/or give a presentation at the PAESTA annual conference.
  5. Free Professional Society Membership
    • PAESTA currently provides free membership to its members. Being a member of PAESTA provides individuals recognition as a member of a professional society. PAESTA is a state chapter affiliated with the National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA).