PAESTA Teacher Advisory Committee

Current Committee Members

  • Theresa Lewis-King, Committee Chair, AMY Northwest Middle School, Philadelphia
  • Jennifer Hoffman, The Agnes Irwin School, Rosemont, PA
  • Kelly Hunter, Snyder-Girotti Middle School, Bristol, PA
  • Sandy Grajewski, Conrad Weiser High School, Robesonia, PA

Former Committee Members

  • Isabel Pilling, AMY at James Martin Middle School, Philadelphia, PA, June 2012-September 2012

To contact the Committee, please email us at

The PAESTA Teacher Advisory Committee plays a critical role in ensuring Pennsylvania educators remain current with science content and pedagogic approaches for bringing Earth Science to the classroom. Specifically, the duties of the Teacher Advisory Committee include:

  • Reaching out to other science educators in their school/district to get them involved in improving Earth and Space Science teaching.
  • Providing leadership by actively encouraging and challenging colleagues to improve their instructional practices.
  • Serving the PAESTA community by participating in professional development activities at the local, regional and national level and providing feedback concerning how to improve teacher outreach.
  • Volunteering their time to provide feedback to the PAESTA Executive Committee on how the organization can support K-12 Earth and Space Science teachers in PA.

Theresa Lewis-KingTheresa Lewis-King - "I am excited about the opportunity to serve on a committee that reaches out to other Pennsylvania Earth science teachers, to provide resources to improve the quality of Earth science instruction and help encourage students to pursue careers in Earth and Space science."


Kelly Hunter - "I look forward to being a member of the PAESTA Teacher Advisory Committee and helping to keep Earth and Space Science teaching in Pennsylvania exciting, challenging, and up-to-date with the latest instructional strategies."


Jennifer Hoffman - "I am interested in the integration of web 2.0 and associated 21st century learning paradigms into Earth Systems Science teaching."