Earth Science Careers


  • Meet Our Scientists (NOAA)
  • USGS Scientists in Action!
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics
  • Association for Women Geoscientists
  • The Sloan Career Cornerstone Center career paths in atmospheric science, biology, chemistry, the geosciences, physics, and science technology.
  • Smithsonian
    • All kinds of people become scientists. And scientists do all kinds of things. Watch and read about these scientists at the Smithsonian. What kind of scientist would you like to be?
  • PBS - Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers
    • “Secret Life” is an Emmy-nominated web video series and site from the makers of one of the most acclaimed American science series ever, PBS’s NOVA. Every two weeks, “Secret Life” premieres another set of intimate, engaging, and funny videos about a new scientist or engineer… who happens to have a secret. So while you’ll see and hear some of the smartest people in the world talk about cutting-edge research and fantastic experiments, you’ll also learn their answers to questions like “When was the last time you ate blood?” and “Have you ever been called ‘Doogie Howser’?”
  • How to Be a Scientist (Smithsonian)
    • Which is more important for a career as a scientist, good grades in math or a strong sense of adventure? Hear what geologist Liz Cottrell has to say as she recounts her own school years and the steps that led to a career she can't imagine ever giving up.
  • We Just Saw a Pile of Goop (Smithsonian)
    • Geologist Liz Cottrell shows how she simulates the conditions of the deep Earth in her lab. She describes the frustrations of failed experiments, which are a necessary part of every success. "When you're surprised by your results," she says, "that's where all the discovery happens."