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PAESTA proudly presents a podcasting series for K-12 teachers to increase their science content knowledge through short audio podcasts, supplemented with relevant resources. The 2015-2016 PAESTA President Kathy Tait generated the idea of tapping in to the content expertise of higher education faculty to assist K-12 teachers with increasing their own Earth and space content knowledge. As time and resources for professional development are decreasing for teachers, PAESTA is committed to not only providing curricular resources through the PAESTA Classroom, but providing an opportunity to learn science content from professionals in an audio format.

Our goal at PAESTA is to release one new podcast per month that answers the questions asked by YOU, our PAESTA members! Each podcast will be recorded by a Earth/space science professional with content expertise and placed online with supporting images, links, and relevant exercises found in the PAESTA Classroom. Each podcast will be available through the PAESTA iTunes channel and on this page. For ADA compliance, the PAESTA website will have a transcript for each audio file. We hope you listen to our podcasts and enjoy our "You Asked, We Answered!" series.

K-12 teachers – in order to provide these podcasts, we need to know what you want to know! What discipline questions do you have for us to pass along to our content experts? Any questions relating to the “what” and “how” of the Earth and space sciences, as well as questions about Earth and space science careers, are welcome! Please submit your questions through the Contact Form on the PAESTA website.

College faculty, professional scientists, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students – in order to provide this resource for Pennsylvania’s K-12 teachers, we need your help in answering the questions posted by our teachers! Please review the questions our teachers have asked below and contact Laura Guertin ( if there is a question that grabs your attention, and you would like to help generate a response. Not sure how to approach creating a podcast? View this PDF for some tips to get started.

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Solar Eclipse - the 2017 event and more - PAESTA Podcast Series: Episode 29

You Asked, We Answered!

Take a listen to this conversation between Kevin Toney and Dr. Chris Palma (Astronomy, Penn State University). The discussion addresses the August 2017 solar eclipse and provides a background overview of solar eclipses.

To explore resources on the 2017 total solar eclipse, see our collection on the PAESTA website: