Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating

Harvest for Hope by Jane Goodall, Gary McAvoy, Gail Hudson
(2005, Grand Central Publishing)
ISBN Number: 9780759514867


This book was used in a seminar for first-year university students. It is also appropriate for high school students. There are many opportunities for discussion, expansion of topics, and areas of student investigation. The book does an excellent job making the human connection to causes/effects on the environment. With Jane Goodall as the author, there is also an opportunity for students to learn about this pioneer in conservation and her work in Africa and across the globe.

Review from Publishers Weekly  --  "Goodall, best known for her decades of work with chimpanzees and baboons, turns to the social significance of the food people eat and of how it reaches our tables. In a style that's both persuasive and Pollyannaish, her guide glides through a quick history of early agriculture, despairs of "death by monoculture" (single-crop farming), warns of the hazards of genetically modified foods and of the disappearance of seed diversity, and bemoans the existence of inhumane animal factories and unclean fish farms-the macro concerns of the environmentally conscious. On a more micro level, she focuses on what individuals can do for themselves. In a grab bag of well-intentioned bromides, Goodall counsels her readers to become vegetarians, celebrates restaurants and grocery stores that seek out locally grown produce, frets about the quality of school lunches and the pervasiveness of fast food-fueled obesity, honors small farmers and warns of a looming water crisis. Most chapters conclude with "what you can do" sections: demand that modified foods be labeled; turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. This book about making healthy choices breaks no new ground, but its jargon-free and anecdote-rich approach makes it a useful primer for grassroots activists, while the Goodall imprimatur could broaden its reach."

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Recommended Grade: 
High School