Map and Activity

Lesson Plan - Electricity Resource Mapping Activity Overview

Developed by 2008-2009 TESSE Graduate Fellows from Penn State University (


This group activity will ask students to develop relationships between US states’ various sources of electricity, and the location and availability of their corresponding resources.


  • To familiarize students with interpreting various states’ electricity source data when provided as pie charts.
  • To show students how they can apply this data spatially (mapping) to gain other useful information (location and availability of US resources)
  • To emphasize to students how important coal is as an electricity resource

Skill sets

  • Mapping
  • Pattern recognition
  • Graph interpretation
  • Teamwork

Materials Needed

  • Electricity Resources PowerPoint Pre- and Post- versions (optional)
  • Blank US maps for every student
  • Blank Transparency US Map (Outline the 7 geographic regions of the US with a black marker in advance to make it easier to distinguish among the groups)
  • Electricity Resource Mapping Activity Worksheet
  • Electricity Pie Charts
  • US Coal Reserves Map
  • US Hydroelectric Potential map
  • US Natural Gas Pipelines Map
  • US Oil & Gas Resources Map
  • US Uranium Concentrations Map
  • Transparency markers in four different colors:  red, blue, yellow, green and purple
  • Colored Pencils (or crayons) in four different colors:  red, blue, yellow, green and purple


Map and Activity Files
File Name Type and Size
Electricity Resource Mapping Activity - Lesson Plan MS Word - 42.5 KB
Electricity Resource Mapping Activity - Worksheet MS Word - 54 KB
Electricity Resources Pre-Presentation MS PowerPoint - 880 KB
Electricity Resources Presentation MS PowerPoint - 42 MB
Electricity Resources Post-Presentation MS PowerPoint - 91 MB
Electricity Resources Activity Maps
File Name Preview / Type and Size
Historic Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Map PDF File - 56 MB
View image of a blank US Map (or link to download your own) Blank US MapJPG File - 72 KB
View image of US coal reserves US Coal Reserves MapJPG File - 85 KB
View image of US hydroelectric plants Map of US Hydroelectric PlantsGIF File - 524 KB
View image of US natural gas pipelines US Natural Gas Pipeline MapGIF File - 58 KB
View image of US gas reserves US Oil And Gas Reserves MapJPG File - 43 KB
View image of Alaska Alaska HydropowerPNG File - 632 KB
View image of Hawaii Hawaii HydropowerPNG File - 139 KB
View map of US nuclear sites  
Electricity Resources Pie Charts
File Name Type and Size
Compiled pie charts PDF File - 600 KB
Electricity Source Data for States MS Excel - 475 KB

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